About us

About us

Phung Yen Bird's Nest

On 10th October 2021, BAVINA GROUP opened the showroom of Phung Yen Bird's Nest.

With the mission to bring the products of Bird's Nest retain the highest nutritional for customers. Phung Yen Bird's Nest Co., Ltd always offers 100% pure bird's nest products, so that you can take care of your family's health more fully.

Phung Yen Bird's Nest Co., Ltd have a standard workshop system along with a team of professionally trained staff.

The company always strictly manages from the stage of direct purchase to the preliminary processing of bird's nests to produce 100% pure bird's nest products under the brand name Phung Yen Bird's Nest.

The company has been granted the Certificate of Food Safety and Hygiene by the Bac Lieu Province, Forestry and Fisheries Quality Management No. 34/2021/NNPTNT-BL; and the Institute for Research and Development of Quality Standards ISSQ granted ISO 22000:2018 Certificate No. HA 352-21 as a standard processing and trading facility for bird's nest.