Small Red Chili Small Red Chili

Small red chili: Length around 7 ~ 9 cm. Diameter around 1,1 cm. Red color and spicy.

Small Green Chili Small Green Chili

Small green chili: Length around 7 ~ 9 cm. Diameter around 1,1 cm. Green color and spicy.

Dried Chili Dried Chili

Whole dried chili, length 7 - 9 cm. Dark red color, thin skin, natural crunchy, spicy flavor of...

Frozen Red Chili Frozen Red Chili

Whole frozen chili with or without stalks. Length from 7 ~ 9 cm. Dark red color, the...

Pepper Pepper

Whole gain pepper, with the characteristic pungent taste of the product, no impurities.

Sweet Potato Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes have elongated tubers, purple smooth skin. Sweet potatoes are juicy, delicious,...

Rice Rice

The rice grain has an elongated shape. The rice taste is sweet and soft.

Nutrient Rice Nutrient Rice

Nutrient rice is grown with clean methods, without pesticides. Nutritional ingredients include...

Passion Fruit Passion Fruit

Passion fruit: round, diameter about 5 ~ 7 cm. The fruit color became yellow or purple when it's...