About us

About us

Vision & Mission

All agricultural products of Bavina are cultivated according to the intelligent ecological method.

Our technology interacts with microorganisms to activate the life in soil and plants. The balance of microorganisms helps to inhibit fungi, nematodes, aphids, harmful microorganisms, ... form an ecological matrix of fungal diseases, from that the plants will not have disease and they no need to use chemicals to kill the fungus.

Our technology interacts with microorganisms to create a natural total nutrient repository, forming an active absorption mechanism for plants, helping plants absorb only substances that it's lacking.

Our technology also helps plants improve their resistance and adaptability, so that plants can achieve higher yield and quality, while increasing the main nutritional ingredients of agricultural products by up to 30% compared to pine than usual.

From our technology, we manufacture clean agricultural foods to provide customers which are beneficial to the body, helping consumers to have a healthier life. We are moving towards a healthy  lifestyle. We want to provide our customers with organic, natural products that are best for the body, better for the community and contribute to protecting the earth.