Durian has many types and especially in each type has different flavors that only "addicted" can distinguish right from the first time enjoying.

Currently, there are many different types of durian on the market. We specialize in providing famous durians such as Ri6, Monthong, Musaking.

Size of durian fruit is large, usually weighing an average of 2.5kg ~ 7kg. Durian fruit flesh is dry, thick rice, flat seeds. Durian flesh has an eye-catching bright yellow color, sweet and fatty taste, characteristic aroma. In addition, durian also contains a lot of vitamins and fiber.

Durian is often used to eat directly or make cakes.

Detail information

Classification: fresh/ whole fruit

Origin: Viet Nam

Packing: products are packed in mesh bags and outer cartons or according to customers' requirements

Storage: in dry, cool place

Price: please contact us