Agricultural Products

Agricultural Products

Organic Fertilizers


We have supplied and traded the organic biotechnology, organic fertilizers, combined with advanced technologies (enzyme, nano, etc.) to produce high – tech biofertilizers  that dominate market since the first days due to increased moisture retention, carbon build – up, Nutrient Use Efficiency (NUE) for plants and improved soil aggregation – all features of new break – through innovations in agricultural production.

The high – tech bio – fertilizers help farmers:

1. Achieve high crop farmers. 

2. Reduce production costs. 

3. Increase crop and product quality. 

4. Sustain eco – friendly crops, and protect communities from health hazards.

The high – tech bio – fertilizers outperform other conventional and alike products in following aspects:

  1. Cold resistance
  2. Drought resistance
  3. Flood resistance
  4. Mangrove resistance
  5. Alum processing
  6. Nitrogen – fixing ability
  7. Soak & handling cuttings
  8. Soil aggregation
  9. Against premature fruit drops
  10. Increased sugar, nutrition
  11. Increase crop yield
  12. Reduce the use of chemical fertilizers and NPK

We have traded and supplied the product categories in:

- Crop protection

- Long-term industrial crops, fruit trees

- Rice, vegetables, short-term industrial crops

- Soil improvement

Detail information

Classification: Organic Fertilizer

Origin: Made in Viet Nam

Packing: according to product specifications

Preserved in dry, cool place

Price: please contact us