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Agricultural Products



Robusta and Arabica coffee - This is probably the most famous export coffee of Vietnam. Robusta is a type of coffee suitable for growing at an altitude of less than 600m, grown mainly in our country, accounting for 90%. Robusta is dried directly, not fermented, so the coffee has a bitter taste, extremely rich drink, suitable for men.

The total annual production of coffee is 90% - 95%, coffee has a strong aroma, high caffeine content, not sour, suitable for the taste of Vietnamese people.

Robusta is loved by many people around the world because of its strong aroma and consistency.

In terms of taste, Coffee Robusta has a slightly harsh smell. Many people think that its taste is a bit like the taste of oatmeal. When smelled, it has the smell of fresh peanuts, when roasted, it will have a faint aroma.

Usually, Robusta coffee will have a very high caffeine content. It is therefore rarely used in its pure form. Usually, it will be mixed with other types of coffee in certain proportions to balance the flavor more.

The most commonly used recipe is that you mix 70% Robusta with 30% Arabica. Or there is another quite attractive recipe that is 50% Robusta and 50% Arabica. These two types combine to create a quite different and delicious coffee taste.

Detail information

Origin: Viet Nam

Variety : Arabica/Robusta

Tasting note : Strong aroma, medium sour taste, sweet aftertaste.....

Quality indicators : Humidity < 5%, caffeine > 1%

Expiry date: 12 months from date of manufacture.

Packing: according to customers' requirements

Price: please contact us