Small Green Chili


Small green chili is a spice for dishes all over the world.

Small green chilies have an elongated shape like the head of a pen, an average length of 7 - 9 cm, a diameter of about 1 cm.

Chilies are green, when ripe, it turns orange-red or bright red.

Our products are completely organic, without harmful chemicals, no chemical fertilizers, pesticides, genetically modified drugs or growth stimulants. The product not only ensures the health protection standards of the user, but also retains the delicious, spicy taste, making the dish more attractive.

Taste: Spicy, hot, slightly pungent.

Uses: Not only a simple spice, chilies also bring people many unexpected uses. Chilies help prevent diabetes, chemotherapy-induced hair loss, treat chronic arthritis, increase gastric secretion for better digestion...

Chilies are used to spice up dishes, stimulate the taste buds, and make the dishes more attractive and delicious. Chili is also an indispensable ingredient in the Vietnamese fish sauce. In addition, chilies are also used to prune flowers and decorate dishes.

Detail information

Classification: fresh

Origin: Viet Nam

Packing: products are packed in vacuum plastic bags and outer cartons or according to customers' requirements

Storage: refrigerated at 5-12°C

Price: please contact us

Test results of pesticide residue and other toxic substances from Bavina's green chili at Hoan Vu Company